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About Perpetuate Hawaiian Culture

The short background:

Perpetuate (a.k.a. Perpetuate Hawaiian Culture) is an awareness movement that encourages Hawaiians, Hawaiians at heart, and those that call Hawai'i home, to reflect on the questions, "What are you doing to help perpetuate the Hawaiian culture?" and "If your Hawaiian ancestors were here today, would they be proud of you?" Perpetuate is the philanthropic "arm" of Holomua Healing Arts, LLC. The majority of the proceeds go to supporting Native Hawaiian efforts related to education and activism. Contact for more information. 

The 'ohana that started Perpetuate:

Britt Yap is originally from Maui, Hawai'i. She attended Kamehameha Schools and was a boarder from 7th-12th grade. She continued her education on O'ahu and received a B.A. in Journalism and M.A. from Hawai'i Pacific University. She and her husband Rod have a 3-year-old son named Reef Kamaha'o. Her full-time business is Holomua Healing Arts, where she helps her clients heal, shift and overcome their blocks. She is a certified life coach, Reiki Master Teacher and hypnotherapist. Perpetuate Hawaiian Culture is her passion project, and what she considers the philanthropic arm of her business. Britt and her family currently reside in Alameda, California.

Perpetuate Proceeds:

Currently, fifty percent of the proceeds are going to support the efforts of protecting Mauna Kea from the building of the Thirty-Meter Telescope (TMT). Britt sends money directly to kia'i (guardians) on the front lines. She also sends money to the Mauna Media team and Mauna Medics. She is also helping the Northern California kia'i to organize and is using some of the proceeds for supplies, food, events, etc. in California to support Mauna Kea. Most of the TMT leadership reside and/or work in California, so putting pressure on them is very important. (Kapu aloha always, of course.) She is also using her background in PR and journalism to help get media coverage for events in California.

The other half of the proceeds are going to creating new products and designs, reprinting current products, and sustaining the business.

How the idea came about:

As a child, Britt Yap witnessed two groups of Hawaiians protesting against each other at the Hawai'i State Capitol. From that day forward, that image stuck in her mind. Throughout her time as a student at Kamehameha Schools and Hawai'i Pacific University, she thought about ways to bring Hawaiians together. She recognized it would be hard for her people to accomplish anything as a hui if they were constantly arguing with each other over small things, neglecting to see the bigger picture.

A few years ago, she had a vision about the word 'perpetuate' and the meaning it has in relation to Hawaiians. Her visions were confirmed a few months later with a vivid dream and hypnotherapy session in which both times she saw (the deceased) George Lanakilakekiahialiʻi Naʻope— a celebrated kumu hula, master Hawaiian chanter, and leading advocate and preservationist of Hawaiian culture worldwide. He also co-founded the Merrie Monarch Festival.

After those experiences, Britt decided to register the trade name “Perpetuate” and “Perpetuate Hawaiian Culture,” purchase the domain name and through a grass roots movement, spread the word in the community to bring simple awareness to the daily lives of ALL Hawaiians and Hawaiians at heart.

Past proceeds:

In the past, the majority of the proceeds from Perpetuate items went to helping fund the following:

1.) The Brittany Pohākea Yap Native Hawaiian Scholarship Fund

For 5 school years, two Hawaiian students at Hawai'i Pacific University majoring in areas such as Communications, Journalism, Media, Public Relations, Video Productions etc. received $1,000 to help with their tuition and/or books. Britt also enjoyed getting to know the scholarship recipients and mentored them whenever possible. Britt first started this scholarship fund in 2013. 

2.) The Annual Po‘ohala Essay Contest

For three school years, students from Maui Waena Intermediate participated in the essay contest. An essay committee read through the top essays and decided on the winners. 1st-5th place was awarded cash prizes, while 20-25 honorable mentions were awarded to students as well. Britt Yap and husband Rod Pontemayor first started this contest in 2013.

Non-profit organizations:

Britt often donates Perpetuate apparel to non-profit organizations for their silent auction fundraisers. To inquire, email her at

Future plans for Perpetuate:

Britt is brainstorming some ideas and hopes to start a Perpetuate scholarship soon. She would love to leave Perpetuate to her kids one day, as a legacy and as something the family can do together.

MAHALO to anyone who has ever purchased something from us, or has helped our passion project grow! We appreciate you all. 

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